Sanitary Brewing System

Beer Equipment


Slide 1. Vessels Brewhouse System and Combinated 3 Vessels Combination: Mash/aluter tun + Brew kettle/whirpool tank Capacities: 100L-3000L, 3/5/7/10/15/20/30BBL
Heating Source: steam, electric, direct fire

Slide 2. The external are made by 2B stainless steel drawing board, connected by welding. Their internals have a protective film by pickling passivation and equipped with 80mm polyure- thane insulation. The tanks with dimple plate on cone and side, they are cooled by glycol water or alcohol water. Type: 1HL – 300 HL, 1BBL – 300BBL (customized by your requirement)

Slide 3. According BBT different usage, there’s single layer type, double layer, stackable, horizontal, cooper, middle, and large type BBT. Type: 1HL – 300HL, 1BBL – 300BBL (costumized by your requirement)


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